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Bali SPA

The Spas of Bali offer many different massages [Balinese, Indonesian, Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu from Japan and Lomi-Lomi from Hawaii], body wraps, polishes and scrubs [including the Royal Javanese Lulur and the Balinese Boreh], Chinese Reflexology and many Ayurvedic styles of treatment. Advanced spas offer Colon Hydrotherapy and personal treatments such as Vaginal Smoking. In the Ubud area some spas offer Craniosacral Therapy and other Healing treatments.

Many spas in Bali from the most expensive and the cheapest price depending on the venue and facilities provided. After tired along the way to enjoy the beauty of bali is very nice to relax for a moment. We provide special 20% discount for all kinds of treatment.

Natural Body Scrub

  • Strawberry
  • Avocado
  • Green_tea
  • Green_tea_powder


Art.V natural body scrub is scrub are made from high quality material and fresh, good for the skin and without chemicals. Safe your skin with our natural product.

The following kinds of scrubs are available:

1. Avocado Body scrub
is a wonderful moisturizing agent. Remove dead skin cells. It is full of Vitamin E that restores the production of collagen.
Price of Avocado body scrub:
a. 1 kg – USD 8
b. 100 gram – USD 1

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Bali Aromatherapy Oils

  • Aromatherapy Oils Package1
  • Rose Fights depression and uplifts mood, open up obstructed menses, heals scars, and purifies blood.
  • Rosemary Hair care, skin care, mouth care, anxiety, mental disorder, depression.
  • Peppermint Pain relief, induce firmness in muscles good for brain & memory, warming, good for liver and good for nerves
  • Lemon Protects from septic, strengthens gums, stop hair fall, and fights infections.
  • Lavender Nervous system, pain relief, urine flow, blood circulation.
  • Jasmine Cures sexual weakness and increases libido, increases breast milk and opens obstructed menstruation.
  • Tea Tree Promotes absorption of nutrients, heals scars & after marks and viral & infections and kills insects.
  • Frangipani Induce numbness, pain relief, relaxes body & mind, brings redness in skin, stimulates functions.
  • Eucalyptus Respiratory problems, muscle pain, mental exhaustion, dental care, skin care and diabetes.
  • Orange Increases urination and removes toxins, sedates emotional & nervous disturbances.
  • Ylang-ylang Fights depression & uplifts mood, stops sebum secretion, increases libido and cures sexual disorders, reduces blood pressure.
  • Sandalwood Tightens gums & muscles and helps stop hair fall & hemorrhage, keeps skin smooth & free from infection, cures cough & cold, increases memory.


Bali Aromatherapy Oils by art.V natural product made from extract the flowers, leaves, roots, etc. Drops to the bath tub, be used for facial and body treatment. Very good to soothe the mind and body, make fresh.

The following kinds of aromatherapy oils are available:

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